Starting your own blog

By our next class on the 3rd of December you should have signed up to the class blog.

Blogging Research Wordle

Blogging Research Wordle

In our next session we will spend a little time creating a basic blog that will be used by you during the year. We will look over some edublog blogging tutorials and outline how you will be using your personal blog over the year

Over the holidays I ask that you set up your personal blog page and write four weekly posts on the practise you have done, pieces you have chosen or concerts you may have seen. One of your posts will include an uploaded audio or video recording of you performing one of your chosen pieces of repertoire in part or its’ entirety.

Your page will also act as a practice diary and include audio and video of your music making as well as various homework tasks that we will cover over the year.

Mutek May- Blogging from NY Guggenheim

Mutek May- Blogging from NY Guggenheim

Here are the two videos that we also watched in our previous class:

Social media revolution

A Brave New World-Wide-Web

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